Playing with Pond Scum

A Cardinals fan and good friend of mine always refers to the New York Mets as “pond scum”.  I’ve never been able to nail him down on whether or not “pond scum” is the generally accepted name of the Mets in Cardinal country or something he came up with on his on.  He says the name is a throw back to when we were division rivals.  I’ve also not been able to determine where there name comes from, but I’m suspecting it might have something to do with the unfortunate team colors of blue and orange–not pretty.


The series wasn’t pretty either.  The three game series seemed like a four game series with the middle game going 14 innings, which was the only game we won.   Seems like maybe that should count for two.  Here are just some of my thoughts from the series.


What I hated about playing the Mets…

  • Santana
  • Delgado
  • Ending a one game winning streak.
  • Losing the series
  • Mets announcers who get their facts wrong.  I don’t know the guy’s name, and I don’t really care, but here is an example of his incompetence.  He was second-guessing LaRussa decision to let Izzy hit rather than send in a pinch hitter.  That would have been a reasonable criticism, except the pinch hitter he suggested was So Taguchi.  So Taguchi would be an excellent pinch hitting choice, except for the fact that he plays for the Phillies.


What I liked about playing the Mets…

  • Early start times.  Although Saturday’s game could not have started early enough to get anyone to bed on time.
  • Snapping a 5 game losing streak.  “Snapping” might not quite be the word.  “Hacking at it for 14 innings until it finally broke” might be more accurate.
  • Albert Pujols finding his long ball twice.  I know he says he doesn’t care about home runs.  He cares about making contact and getting on base.  I know he’s right, BUT we all love to see Albert go long.
  • Skip Schumaker did something no Cardinal has done in over 70 years.  He got six hits in one game.   He also had a sac fly and a K.  Yep, even with eight at bats that’s a feat.  The last Cardinal was outfielder, Terry Moore from the Gashouse Gang era.  If you’re Skip, it must be a cool feeling to know that no matter if it takes 70 years for another Cardinal to do it, when it finally happens everybody will be saying, “the last Cardinal to get six hits in a game was Skip Schumaker in 2008.”
  • In related note, Pujols had 5 hits in that game as well.  Pujols and Schumaker were the first two Cardinals to both have 5+ hits in a game since the 1930’s.
  • Mets fans booing Yadier Molina every time he stepped to the plate.  I’m not a big fan of booing, but in this case Molina can only take it as a compliment.  The Mets fans remember he was the guy that hit the homer that kept them out of the World Series in 2006.

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