I Have Good News and Bad News

I have good news and bad news.  Let us start with the good news.


09spring_logo250x147.gifGood News from Cardinals Spring Training

The Cardinals played an exciting game yesterday in Jupiter, FL against the Boston Red Sox.  The good news is Chris Carpenter pitched four scoreless innings.  He is pitching strong and healthy.  After his injuries, it is great to see him back to 2006 form, because we all know how 2006 went down.


In other good news, Josh Kinney came in a pitched a perfect ninth with two strikeouts.  He picked up the win when Joe Mather hit a 2-run walk-off homer.  Cardinals win 4-2.


Thumbnail image for WBCLogo.pngBad News from the World Baseball Classic

This is not the bad news:  The World Baseball Classic has taken over my life.  I loved the marathon of games last weekend.  Baseball from before the crack of dawn in to late in the night is pretty cool.  During the week, the games overlapped and I mastered the art of watching two games at once.  However, last night, I did enjoy the fact that there was only one game to focus on, and I am going to enjoy the off day today.  But, I will be anxious for the games to start again on Saturday.


In the one WBC game last night, Cuba faced Mexico.  Although Cuba had pulled ahead 7-4, it was a game, until the 7th.  The announcer might have said:  “Now pitching for Mexico, newly signed Cardinals lefty, Dennys Reyes.”  It would have been in Spanish, so I do not really know.


So, Reyes takes the mound.  It was like a very sad song that goes something like this:


First Verse:  First two batters hit hard up the middle.

Chorus:  Wild pitch, both runners advance  (the pitch was a foot over the umpire’s head)

Second Verse:  Double to left, two runners score

Bridge:  Reyes has been hit hard.  Now he hits back.  If a quarterback hits a guy in the numbers, it is a good thing.  If a pitcher hits a guy in the numbers, it is a bad thing.  Reyes nailed Leonys Martin right between the two and the six on his back. Ouch!

Chorus:  Wild pitch, both runners advance (again over everyone’s head)

Repeat Chorus:  Wild pitch, both runners advance.  Lead runner scores. (this one was at the batter’s feet…just to mix things up)

Tag:  The next batter walks.


Finally, Reyes is yanked, but the bleeding continues for Mexico.  The inning ends due to the mercy rule when Cuba is up 16-4.  Only one out was recorded.


I know, I know.  It is only one inning.  It is early and Reyes, newly signed, has not been in camp and is not in season form.  He was pitching in dismal wet conditions.  But still, it was not something an optimistic Cardinal fan needed to see.  


Announcer, Charlie Steiner said it best, “Boy, Dennys Reyes has nothing.  Not tonight.”  And, he is all ours for two years.


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    You have Reyes?! Oh I’m so sorry. As a Sox fan, whenever he came out for the Twins the past three seasons, part of me would get REALLY excited since more often than not, he blew it for the Twins. Since the Cards are one of the NL teams I like, I’m soooo sorry.

  2. momofan

    Hi there,
    I’ve been reading little bits and pieces of your blog for a while and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it! I hadn’t been following Mexico in the WBC, but after reading your description of how terribly Reyes did, I might have to start.
    Here’s hoping he improves before the end of Spring!

  3. Erin Kathleen

    As a Twins fan, I am very familiar with Dennys Reyes. Don’t listen to Jen, Reyes has actually been one of our most reliable relievers the past couple of years. He is fine if he’s only used against left-handed hitters, he’s actually very effective. Gardenhire used to make the mistake of leaving him in to face righties, which is where he would run into trouble (well, plus he didn’t have much of a choice given all of the injuries in the bullpen last year). Tony LaRussa is very good at finding a pitcher’s strengths and getting the best out of them, so Reyes will be well-suited to the Cardinals organization.

  4. redbirdchatter

    Jen – Gee, thanks for helping me NOT believe it was a fluke. : )
    Sue – Fortunately, I’m too tired from staying up late to watch ballgames and getting up early to blog to even dream, let alone have a nightmare.
    Julia – I wish we could put a bandaid on the owwie.
    Sarah – Thanks for reading. I’m glad you are enjoying! The other good news is that Reyes can only get better!
    Jane – I don’t know why jumping on the bandwagon is treated with such disdain. Nothing wrong with coming to the party late. I worry about people who stay home.
    Erin – THANK YOU very much for the hope!

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