Will I Leave My Heart in San Francisco?

The Cardinals had a welcome off-day today.  Welcome to me anyway.  I’m not sure how I would have gotten packed otherwise.  Packed?, you say.  Yes, packed.  

Thus far, I have been to two exhibition games, seven Triple-A games, one Double-A game and two college games.  This weekend, I break into the majors with a trip to San Francisco to see the Cardinals play the Giants.
I started contemplating this trip last summer as I fell into the habit of tuning in the Giants game at bedtime and falling asleep to the sounds of AT&T Park.  Tomorrow it comes to fruition.  Both teams have great pitching, cold bats and a Molina behind the plate.  In addition there are sailboats practically in the outfield.  I could not ask for more. 
Except for maybe one clear day to see the Golden Gate Bridge.  I guess there is always one more thing.  Or, five.  I can think of five more things I would like to put in my suitcase, but I’m determined to carry-on only.
Love the Cardinals.  Love the Giants.  Love great catchers.  Love Baseball.  Love Sailboats.  Love Waterfronts.  I may not leave my heart there, but it sure is looking forward to the trip.


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