In Times Like These…

In times
like these…

remember last year.  There were two teams
that happily chugged along, leading their divisions, leading their
leagues.  They finished over .600 looking
like the best teams in baseball. 
However, the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Angels quickly bounced out
of the playoffs with only one win between them.


In times
like these…

remember last year.  There were two teams
that won their divisions, but really had to fight for it.  There were streaks and slumps, but in the end
the Tampa Bay Rays and the Philadelphia Phillies went the distance.


In times
like these…

remember 2006.  That year the St. Louis
Cardinals scratched out only 83 wins. 
And, by scratched out, I mean, the difference between the season total
for runs scored and runs allowed was only 19. 
Yet, it was enough to win the N.L. Central and land a playoff
berth.  And, that berth–that chance–was
all they needed to win it all.


In times
like these…

remember that a season is 162 games long. We have only played 58.  Barely a third of the way through.


In times
like these…

remember that it is the struggle that makes us strong.  That in losing, we learn how to win.  And, that which does not eliminate you from
contention, only makes you stronger. That life is often a process of
elimination.  Sometimes, you have to
figure out what does not work before you can know what does work.


In times
like these…

remember that panic accomplishes nothing. 
The team that was hot in April is the same team that is swooning in
June.  There is every reason to believe
that success will be theirs again.


In times
like these…

remember that June is a fine time to have a slump.  Even an entire team slump.  September is not.


In times
like these…

…I watch.  I wait.  I build character.  I persevere.  I earn the right to call myself a true fan,
rather than the bandwagon fan I started out as.


In times
like these…

…when the
St. Louis Cardinals were swept at home by the
Rockies, losing seven of the last ten
games.  …when I watched the Memphis
Redbirds loose three out of four games to the Oklahoma City Redhawks, getting
shutout twice.  …when it seems like the
entire Cardinals organization is in collapse. 
I know that this too shall pass. 

In fact,
the Memphis Redbirds have already turned it around.  They returned home to
Memphis and handily took the first two
games from the New Orleans Zephyrs.   I
know the Cardinals are right behind them.


even in times like these…

I know
the Cardinals are talented and determined. 
I know the manager is crafty. 
And, come September, we will still be in the fight.  Go Cardinals!!!!



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Great post. I got another for you. In times like these, you can also remember the Mets the past two seasons, totally breaking down and handing their playoff chances to another team. That said, still better than my Jays who don’t even get a glimpse at contending everyyear.

  2. Erin Kathleen

    It’s so frustrating when your team is in a slump and just can’t seem to do anything right. But you’re right, there’s still plenty of baseball left. Having the best record in the league in June doesn’t guarantee anybody a playoff spot. At least the Twins will try to help you guys out by taking care of the Cubs this weekend.-Erin

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