You Never Know Who You Might See at the Ballpark

Tuesday, I went to a Oklahoma City Redhawks games with some girlfriends.  It was a very “chilled out” game by my usually
standard of insanity.  I did not go early
for batting practice.  I did not even
make it to my seat before first pitch.  I
did not keep a score sheet.  Sometimes,
it nice to be normal.


I also
did not take the time to shoot some photos of the “Dodgers” theme throughout
the stadium.  I did eat a tasty Dodger
Dog.  A Dodger Dog is long and skinny,
much like the people you see in
I also had garlic fries that were just as good as the ones I had in
San Francisco.

However, I did listen to the Cardinals game on my iPhone and enjoyed the play-by-play of the Cardinals disassembling the Tigers’ ace, Verlander.  Nice to see the offense come around.



Under the
category of “Where are they now?”, I saw three people you might have wondered
about.  It is just amazing who you might
cross paths with on a weeknight in the southern




I wrote a
blog this Spring about how So Taguchi might possibly be the ultimate good luck
charm, and I was concerned because he was a non-roster invitee to the
Chicago cubs camp.  I knew that he did not make the 25-man
roster, but I did not know what became of him. 


I scanned
a borrowed roster for the Iowa Cubs and was tickled to find So Taguchi’s
name.  Actually, I was down right
excited.  I mean, it is not like you see
a former Cardinal with two World Series rings (one from Philly last year)
playing in
Oklahoma City.


I spotted
him in the dugout in his usually bench playing role:





He later
came in to play right field and got one at bat:


I missed
getting a picture of his at bat because he was hit by a pitch almost


When he
came up to bat, I cheered loud.  I was
the only one in an otherwise quiet stadium, so it seemed really loud to
me.  Yes, I cheered for a cub.  Probably, the first and last time that will
ever happen. 


I am nervous that he is a lucky charm, and he could still end up playing for
the cubs.  More about my So Taguchi
superstitions can be found here.


Jeff Samardzija


Samardzija is probably better known for his college years where he was a fine
wide-receiver at Notre Dame.  Samardzija
set single-season school records in both receiving yards and touchdown


He did
spend a little time up with cubs last year, but did not make the team out of
Spring Training.  He has been pitching
with the
AAA Iowa Cubs this year.  He has a
3-3 record with a 4.27 ERA.


got the start (and the loss) on Monday night. 
So, on Tuesday he was in the stands with a radar gun logging pitches for
the Tuesday pitchers.







Hernandez, the pitcher born in
Cuba in either 1965 or 1969, recently
signed a minor league contract with the Rangers.  I spotted El Duque in the dugout:



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