Dead Arm Syndrome

Dead Arm Syndrome.  The bane of the pitcher.  Particularly, the rookie pitcher, who is not used to a 162 game schedule.  Inexplicably, the arm feels dead.  Fastballs are not so fast.  Curve balls do not curve.  Sliders do not slide.
It strikes in the heat of the summer.  In July and August, the dead arm reports begin surfacing.  Rest is the most effective cure.
Last July, Redbird Chatter developed Dead Arm Syndrome.  I could not type.  I could not write.  I could not crop pictures.  I could not blog.  My arm was dead.
I wondered why.  Did I blog too hard in the off-season?  Was I a rookie that was unprepared for the toll a long season could take?   Was I blogging inefficiently, using too many pitches, I mean, words?  No matter how badly I wanted to chat about the Cardinals acquiring Matt Holliday for my birthday or my trips to Springfield, Houston and St. Louis, I just could not get the ball over the plate.
So, I went on the DL.  I rested throughout the winter.  I did not so much as Tweet.  Suddenly, my arm has feeling again, and the tingle of new ideas.  Spring Training is getting underway, and I am ready to throw off the mound.  
Last summer, my goal was to see as much baseball as possible.  Between college, AA, AAA and MLB, I saw approximately 35 games, and traveled thousands of miles to do so.  It was a blast.  I am not sure what this summer’s agenda will be, but if the Cardinals come through, I will still be writing in October.



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